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Girls Friendship Group (Ages 8 -11)

Being a girl is fun, but relationships can be full of challenges. Our group provides a safe place for your daughter to talk about the difficulties and the joys she is experiencing at school and at home. With her peers, she will realize her strengths, gain confidence and be reassured by the fact that others have experiences similar to hers. We will cover the following topics: improving conversation skills, being a great listener, problem solving with friends through compromise, reaching out to others, making new friends and dealing with bullies.

Ages 8 years to 11 years. $249 for a 6 week session

Teen Girls Support Group (Ages 13-17)

It can be difficult navigating though the ups and downs of the teen years. During this group we will discuss:

1. Having a healthy body image
2. Assertive communication
3. Self-esteem
4. Family and school concerns
5. Peer difficulties
6. Healthy relationships

Bully Me No More Workshop (Ages 8 -11)

In this 90 minute, activity-filled workshop your child will learn:

1. How to identify a bully
2. About passive, aggressive and assertive communication
3. How to create a plan to address someone who is teasing them
4. When confrontation is necessary and how to do it in a positive manner

The cost for this 90 minute workshop is $50.

Please call for current Group and Workshop schedules.